CR-POWER: For Carbon Reduction - Pyrolyze Organic Waste to Energy & Resources



Company profile

Company name CR-POWER LLC
President Akimichi Hatta

Engineer in environmental management (Waste treatment)

Foundation October 1st, 2018
Office 2-11-1 Minamiikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to 171-0022
Contact email :
tel : +8190-3226-8503


The invention changes society and creates future.

Awareness of the problems.

In 18th century, an invention of steam engine driven by subterranean (coal) initiated industrial revolution and the world was changed dramatically………
And now, we enjoy being in civilized society which is sustained by fossil fuel (coal, petroleum, natural gas).
By the way, the fossil fuel does not exist evenly. Instead, it exists unevenly. It is no exaggeration to say that the heated competitions for energy (one that is essential for humans to exist as well as water and food) are main causes of war in 20th century.

In 21st century, we are under attacks from another enemy; atmospheric carbon in the air (CO2).
Increasing CO2 is starting attacks indiscriminately by flooding, heat wave and spread of virus in many places in the world.
And enemy is lurking in companies that depend on fossil fuel in all over the world, enterprises and yourself.
A transition from dependency on subterranean carbon to the carbon on the ground i.e. biomass energy is urgently needed.

Issues to be solved.

Energy use of plant, notably bamboos (= which yield the highest profitability per soil in the world brings out sustainable and green future earth.
Energy raw material does not only refer to bamboo. Unused resources for agriculture, resources for forestry and wastes in the cities and of other forms are important resources for the energy for the future.

Invention of new technology(CR-POWER), development, commercialization

It has been said that the bamboo is not suited to be a source of energy.
Nevertheless, by integrating our findings which we accumulated over the consultations on wastes and research results by companies and universities, we have succeeded in a new biomass energization technology: a development of CR-POWER*.
It is quite certain that CR-POWER plant can become a powerful weapon as biomass energization technology of any kind such as bamboo and others to create green earth where every local environment lives in harmony.

* Carbon Reduce-Pylorize Organic Waste to Energy & Resources

CR-POWER LLC President Akimichi Hatta

CR-POWER President (Representative)

Profile of Akimichi Hatta

Goal To achieve RE100 for company groups and 100% of self sufficiency for energy in Japan by year 2050 by power generation, hydrogen plant (CR-POWER).
  • * University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences
  • * University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering. B.S in chemical engineering
  • * University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering. M.S. in chemical processing
    • * Program development of the optimization of chemical plant
    • * Discovery of existence of layer between substance and heat ⇒ Dissertation for master′s degree ⌈Science of discovery⌋
Career Toyo Soda Co., Ltd. (Now, TOSOH CORPORATION) engaged in;
  • * Pyrolysis of crude oil, operation analysis of reforming hydrogen manufacturing plant.
  • * Development of promoting crystallization process in the manufacturing process of bicarbonate from carbon dioxide and its commercialization (obtained patent).
Business career

Phase 1Consulting for waste disposal project

OSTRAND Co., Ltd. was founded President
Consultation for waste disposal project of 200 municipalities and more.
Design of waste incinerator, recycle plant and their construction and managements.


  • Promotion of revitalizing towns from the waste
    (Clean Mizuho project) This project was entrusted from Mizuho Town in Tokyo.
  • Published ⌈Think about earth from the waste⌋ Iwanami Shoten, Publishers
    In 1991 Sankei Children's Publishing Culture Award was given.
  • Achieved commercialization for aluminum collection plant by pyrolysis of steel can coating.
    Entrustment from Japan Beverage Co., Ltd. was awarded with Japan ″wastech″ prize.

Phase 2Consulting for recycling technology by pyrolysis

Stage 1 :
Pilot plant
Joint studies and development with Prof. emeritus Taizou Kunii
Installation : Shizuoka Pref. ⇒ Gifu Pref., manufactured by OKAWARA MFG. CO., LTD.
Stage 2 :
Test plant
Installation : Iwaki City. Manufactured by Diamond Engineering.
Stage 3 :
Commercial plant
Installation : NEXCO East Japan North Nasu Kogen Service Area(SA) in Tohoku Expressway
Power generation by gasification using cut tree branches and grass on the embankment of the road. Power is used in SA.
For 1800 hours under unmanned operation during the night.

Pilot plantPilot plant

Test plantTest plant

Commercial plantCommercial plant

Phase 3Design and construction of pyrolysis reaction equipment
and gasification plant

CR-POWER LLC was founded President


Rotating cylindrical charging layer kiln
∼ Hybrid kiln (By complete gasification of organic matters)
∼ Multi kiln (By complete hydrogenation of organic matters)
Stage1 :
Pilot plant
  • 1. Company O introduced. Bamboo gasification, hydrogenation pilot plant.
  • 2. Large engineering company H introduced. City waste gasification pilot, demo plant.

Pilot plantPilot plant

Demo plantDemo plant